A Note from Director / Teacher - LeeAnn Veinotte

Watermelon Seeds has been a lifelong dream that began in 2006. In 2009, the establishment moved to its new location at 24 Southmayd Road and became a private business.

My background includes extensive experience in early childhood settings. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education and have accumulated many hours of beneficial workshops. I have worked in day care centers, private homes as a nanny, various preschools as a paraprofessional and as a director for a Children's Church program.

My teaching style allows the children to create through play, art and music, which I believe are the foundations of education. It is my desire to ensure your child will be welcomed into a loving, nurturing environment and that they will excel reaching their highest potential.

Mrs. LeeAnn Veinotte

Any further questions, please feel free to contact me at:
726-4114 school

Note from the Lead Teacher for Kindergarten

I graduated from Keene State College with degrees in Education and Music. I worked in several early childhood and preschool settings before finding my home at Watermelon Seeds. As a teacher, I believe that each child should be given the opportunity to be an individual and explore their world from where they are at. I value our small class size, family oriented environment and love that I get to teach in an environment where it's okay to play in the mud or drop everything to build a block tower that touches the ceiling! Mrs. Veinotte, Lena and I are a great team and it is a pleasure to work at our school everyday.

Mrs. Sondra Jones

Note from the Lead Teacher

Watermelon Seeds Preschool, Kindergarten & Learning Center

24 Southmayd Road, Campton NH 03223   (603) 726-4114 

LeeAnn Veinotte, Owner/Director  veinotte@myfairpoint.net